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Internet Streaming Media, Wireless, and Multicast technology, services, & standards


Technology Streaming Media

Source-code libraries for standards-based RTP/RTCP/RTSP/SIP multimedia streaming, suitable for embedded and/or low-cost streaming applications. See also:
  • Cheap Zoloft 20mg "vobStreamerTM" - a network DVD player
    Stream your DVD content over a LAN Cheap Zoloft 20mg
  • "playSIPTM" - a command-line SIP session recorder
  • "openRTSPTM" - a command-line RTSP client
  • RTSP/RTP streaming support for the "MPlayer" media player

liveCasterTM: A multicast MP3 streaming server

Use "liveCaster" to stream MP3 audio via multicast - even with a low-bandwidth Internet connection.
Receive and play multicast MP3 streams using "Winamp" or "RealPlayer G2"


Connect your desktop computer (or your corporate intranet) to a multicast-enabled network

(ISPs: monitor your customers' multicast usage.)

multikit logo multikitTM

A generic multicast session browser

Browse and launch multicast services (even if you're not already on the Multicast Internet)




Are you planning or developing streaming media applications or services? may be able to act as a paid consultant. Please email:
The first " neighborhood network": Dana Street Roasting Company, Mountain View, California



A More Loss-Tolerant RTP Payload Format for MP3 Audio

How to relay IP Multicast across a Firewall


The UDP Multicast Tunneling Protocol

A simple, low-overhead protocol for tunneling UDP multicast using UDP unicast

Accelerating the Deployment of Multicast Using Automatic Tunneling

Many Internet users currently cannot participate in wide-area IP multicast sessions, because their first-hop routers (or beyond) do not support IP multicast routing. We describe an application level (UDP-based) tunneling mechanism that allows non-multicast-connected users - with no modification to their operating systems - to automatically receive a large class of multicast sessions, pending the deployment of multicast in their upstream routers.

The "directory" SDP media type


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